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PSYCH-K® Session:

Tammy Hadlock

As children, we never seemed to stop and think very long about whether or not our BoBo would heal. We would run to a parent and many times all we needed was a band aid to make us feel better. Needless did we know, that our bodies were made to heal itself, if given the chance to do so. The energy within us was usually strong enough to heal most wounds. Physically and emotionally. However; as we grow into adult hood (I will say it this way, as saying getting older is irrelevant with the energy that our bodies put out) our minds seem to forget how powerful the energy we can put forth to help us heal in life. Our brains become used to being hurt and/or sad and feel that we do not heal as quickly. We have almost become brainwashed to lose faith in what we are all capable of doing. Luckily and gratefully, I spent some time with Sonya a couple of weeks ago doing a Psych-K Session. Although I was somewhat nervous to do this, and almost decided not to do it because sharing is not always an easy thing for me, the session was certainly worthwhile and eye opening. Sonya is easy going and the conversation flowed, and the time passed by very quickly as we dealt with many issues, both physically and emotionally. At times, the process was somewhat draining emotionally learning to accept what we are all born to do. But as mentioned above as time went by, we become brainwashed to accept what can't be done, so to undo this, we have to dig deep to change our thinking. But the session was more than worthwhile, it was in the end exhilarating. As I have many issues dealing with health, I am still learning to heal, although certain things have become much easier to deal with, lowering the level of pain of 1 to 10 to the lower level on the scale. My emotional state and my levels of energy however have skyrocketed. There will always be days when people in general will have a down day, but lately it seems like I am advancing with less weight on my shoulders and I can see more of a light at the end of several of my ongoing tunnels. We are always told to take a moment for ourselves, for our sanity and well being, so if you have an hour or two to look after yourself, I would highly recommend a session with Sonya. Although the thought of looking deep within can be a scary one, it can be much scarier to go through life feeling drained and weighted down with aches and pains. You have nothing to lose, except the negative aspect of life.

JD Portillo

PSYCH-K® was truly an eye opener to who I am and how I think. During the session I couldn't help but think this is so weird... but so astonishing! Sonya makes the environment feel safe, and welcoming. Sonya is a very non judgemental person as well. Truly appreciated that. PSYCH-K® is having a mind set change; getting your mind, body and emotions running at the same speed. This really helped me with self worth, confidence and feelings of being self assured. Another area I tend to struggle with is discipline and organization. The self-consciousness starts doing things before you realize you are doing something!! Comments (not to mention that I have also noticed) about how better organized my area is a sign for me that I am improving. I don't even notice that I am doing it! I have also noticed my weak spots when it comes to food has also improved. I assume it's to do with wanting to be more disciplined. Ha, side benefit!! I have also become more self aware on my perceived self worth. This has been a tremendous help to me! We are hardest on ourselves but positive affirmations soon take over! I can't put into words the feelings of this. PSYCH K is something that needs to be done for oneself! PSYCH-K® makes the path you have wanted to be on easier to travel. I highly encourage having a session with Sonya!

Ourania Megalos

I had a PSYCH-K® session with Sonya, from Redu Spiritual Wellness Center©TM. It was a very interesting session. It' s a non invasive, unique way of healing. A must try. Sonya's very professional and warm hearted. Makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you! Sonya.

Mélonie Kolton

I recently had a PSYCH-K® session with Sonia, and highly recommend it. I noticed a change in myself almost immediately. I am still full from the session and all the events that happened since then. My perception and beliefs in myself have changed noticeably and my business has been booming . I feel that I am connected to everything and everyone. I have known these moments of feeling connected before, but I have never experienced it on such a profound level for such a long time!!!Conversations that used to be difficult, actions I hated, people I avoided; all this is now taking place in a kind of flow and the outcomes are fantastic. I am a new person! I am full of gratitude, joy, love, abundance, and peace.

Monica Gerlach

I had a PSYCH-K® session with Sonya recently. She has the ability to put you at ease during the session. With her unique technique we were able to pinpoint the root of my problems and set me on a life changing path. I came home after the session filled with absolute love. I definitely recommend booking a session with Sonya for anybody who's ready for a change. Thank you so much Sonya

Kris Pel

I was the recipient of a PSYCH-K® session given by Sonya Roy. I must say it was amazing. In less than 24 hours I saw results. It surprised me at how quickly this works. It is a non- intrusive method in which you are fully conscious and aware. Sonya is patient and caring and makes this process flow with ease. I highly recommend having a session with Sonya this if you want to see results quickly.

Victoria Beaumont

PSYCH-K ® is life changing! I've lived with an incurable illness that left me bed ridden, in constant pain, and with no real solutions from the medical system. Yet after the session for the first time in many years I wasn't in pain! It's like going back in time before my condition spiraled out of control. I feel like my body is mine again. I was honestly at the point of ending it all, but Sonya is patient, kind, and will help you sort through your fears and get you to a better place. I would fully recommend PSYCH-K® to anyone who ready for change. Sonya is the most amazing and talented woman I have ever met.

Dee Neale Esquivel Arias

I recently was given the opportunity to experience first hand PSYCH-K® from Sonya. Wow! It has changed my life around completely, Fears that I had been carrying with me for years gone. Emotions that were shattered because of broken dreams were revived. If ever you want to change your life around and re write your thoughts your way of processing, you can by taking PSYCH-K®. I spent 1 hour with Sonya where I gave her several things about my life I wanted to change and she was able to remove the blockages that held me back for years, she removed the negative thoughts and beliefs I held on to and replaced them in to positive through my subconscious mind. Restoring my worthyness, value, fears and anxiety that my own thoughts had destroyed. It was like tearing out the pages in my book of life and re writing them without fear or judgement and creating a better way to move forward. Free yourself and re write your life's book why live with self created fear, anxiety and negative thinking life is so much better in the positive. I changed several of my thought processes with Sonya and today I live a much better life because of it Thanks to Sonya. Pick up the phone call her, send her a message book a PSYCH-K® session today I promise you you won't regret it.

Kate Neale

I recently had a PSYCH-K® session with Sonya. I wasn't really sure what to expect but I experienced immediate positive results. I even refer to some of the work that we did for affirmations. Thank you Sonya. I look forward to the continued benefits I will experience from your treatment.


During the PSYCH-K® session, I found Sonya to be intuitive to my needs and patient with me while I worked though my understanding of some deeper issues. She was very kind and cared very much that I received the most I could from the session. After a few weeks I started to notice some subtle yet profound changes to my attitude and the way I process difficult situations. I found myself more patient with my daughter and I was able to work through my anger and frustrations without lashing out at anyone else. I didn't notice these at first but now I see how most situations that I used to find overwhelming or frustrating, I can work through in my mind and not be reactive. This has been an absolute blessing. I feel like a better mother and friend. Thank you Sonya 🙏🏼

Sonya Roy as a teacher

Wanda Ayala

2018 Every single time I've had any sessions, it's always the most enlightening / reawakening experiences. Thank you & Blessings. I highly recommend. 💖💖💖

Kristine Pel

I was fortunate in that I was able to attend the 2018 Mount Shasta retreat offered by Sonya Roy. This retreat is a must do. Sonya has a wealth of spiritual and other knowledge that she willingly shares with anyone willing to listen . She is a most excellent teacher and guide. She took us to all of the sacred sites and some extra events in and around Mount Shasta. They were all very powerful. If you have an opportunity to attend a class, workshop or retreat facilitated by Sonya, I would highly recommend her.

Carolina Thompson

2018- One of my best experiences was with Reiki Healing. I had injured myself at work ( a shoulder injury) and proceeded with the usual Dr. appointment , physio, exercises at home and medication. After a year of this frustration I was told of Reiki healing being unaware of what it was investigated further and Sonya Roy came very highly recommended. So thought to myself I would give this a try. It was such an amazing experience the pain in my shoulder was gone immediately, and have not had it reoccur it is now 4 years later. Sonya is very knowledgeable and explained things very clearly not only was the pain gone but she had found the underlying source of why it was not going away at first and corrected it. I would highly recommend Sonya Roy for healing, card readings , group meditations and any other area she continues to expand in as she really knows her stuff and genuinely helps

Joanne Richard

2018- Sonya Roy is an amazing Reiki Teacher who has patience and passion for her talent. I took level 1 & 2 Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki with Sonya @ Redu Spiritual Wellness Center® and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have received a high level of training and have continued to gain support from her throughout my training. I'm looking forward to achieving my Usui/Holy Fire III® Masters Level in June. I know that Sonya will work hard with me so I can achieve a level of excellence. Thank you Sonya!

Victoria Beaumont

2018 - Sonya is amazing!!! I would 100% recomend her to anyone. She's a really gifted healer and teacher. She's also super honest and will always be straight with you. One of my favorite humans! ❤❤❤

Kristine Pel

2018 - Sonya has been my teacher and mentor for the past several years, she taught me so much, helped me grow and expand my horizon beyond what I would have ever imagine. She is awesome.

Holistic Course:

Diane Andrews

The course was wonderful, I discovered my inner strength and I was able to grow and reach new goals with a new confidence.

Karmyn Anderson

My daughter and I took part in this and I highly recommend it for conscious parents and their children. Sonya supported both of us in feeling heard and understood, and we went deep into exploring our abilities. We are now aware that our uniqueness is our awesomeness!

Crystal Singing Bowls meditation

Amazing! What an experience! Ourania through Meet up.com


It was amazing as always, was wonderful to see a few new faces too. Must say that every time I go I leave feeling so much better than when I came in and realize that I am growing (at my own pace as should be ). Thank you again Sonya and Kris.

Karen Bower

WOW is all I can say, well okay I can say way more. :) Right away I felt I was in a safe and sacred space fully supported, the energy was awesome! Sonya and Kris play the crystal bowls with such precision and grace and I felt relaxed and recharged all at the same time. My throat chakra I would say was the most active (this is what I am working on to find my voice and stop being a doormat) but I felt all of the chakras at some point. The vibrations were so high and the time flew past. I did not want it to end. Thank you ladies for an amazing evening, I will be back and will definitely recommend this experience to others. Karen


Love going to these meditation groups, energy is amazing! Kris and Sonya are very gifted on the bowls. Always a relaxing and grounding experience. It's a very safe and welcoming environment. The drumming with Leonard is always a fascinating journey. Looking forward to every meet up with this group.


Great meditation class, love love love the crystal bowls :) thank you

Visualization with Kris Pel

Robert Bailey

I just arrived home from an amazingly relaxing guided meditation. Kristine was the event host and she did an excellent job making it easy to visualize all that was described. Her relaxed patience in her descriptions not only helped in creating the visuals, but the long pauses enabled me to deeply register the color vibrations associated with the visual. This is how the healing energies were experienced by me. Just as interesting was the intense spirit presence at the Redu Wellness center. I'm a psychic medium and was hit hard by the strong spiritual energies that never ceased throughout the whole evening. Not anticipated but a welcomed addition. Thank you kristine for the experience.

Shamanism REIKI session


When I went to see Sonya, I had been suffering with chronic fatigue for a year and a half. I had seen many different Drs and specialists with no relief. During the week leading up to my treatment with Sonya I was also waking up with debilitating headaches and was unable to go to work. I was excited for my treatment as I had had reiki before and knew I would feel relaxed when I left. But the treatment I had with her was unlike any of the other sessions. During the treatment I was stunned at the sensations my body was feeling. Sonya told me the reason I was so fatiqued was because I was leaking energy. She helped me see where my energy was blocked and what emotions I was suppressing and this confirmed her gift of healing to me as she was very accurate about situations in my life that I hadn't told her about. I was amazed at how she was able to pinpoint areas of pain over my body as I had not told her about those areas either. I left feeling solid and very grounded and confident that my energy would return. Sonya has a gift for healing and I will continue to have treatments from her.

Angel Tarot Reading

Cheryl Ticne from Facebook

"Sonya is a very intuitive reader who really makes you feel comfortable and at ease during the reading. I am truly impressed with her vast knowledge she has brought to the Angel card reading she has done for me. Most of all the feeling coming out of the reading made me feel so uplifted, inspired, and a beautiful reminder of what has already been there and knowing that higher guidance is always available. She is very detailed, accurate and listens to what you have to say that not many readers can do. The way she delivers the reading is very clear, honest and filled with understanding. Right before the reading, I already felt the guidance of the Angels around us and that is how strong I have felt Sonya being able to easily bring such healing to the reading as well. Thank you so much Sonya!!"


Lori Hepner

It helped me focus and relaxed. It helped my shoulder which had been hurting me for a long time.

Long Distance Reiki:

Tammy Hadlock

I was explained the process very clearly and even with the distance between us, I could feel the changes in me! The next day, I felt the weight had been lifted off of me. I feel this treatment has given me a boost to start cleansing my life! If you are open to receiving the treatments, the benefits are well worth it!”

REDU Spiritual Wellness Center©TM

Leonard Howell

Redu Spiritual Wellness Center©TM is a beautiful sanctuary where you can really be yourself.

House Clearing

Cynthia Leone-Walashek

Had a house clearing that was cleansing. Saw a change in our land right away and has just been getting more exciting as the days go by. And had shamanic reiki that was so healing and transformative! Highly recommend! Also I go to the drumming journeys that are awakening and healing as well! A great place with many different options for what you're looking for!!

Aida Tasovac

October 12 at 12:52pm We had an honour to have Sonya in our home yesterday. She cleaned and protected our home..We are definitely richer for one more positive person in our lives and positive energy she brought. Sonya is so simple and open, you will like her instantly and I would love to get in touch in the future for all she has to offer. :)...Thank you Sonya again