A Rest for the Soul

Our Exterior

Just 10 minutes outside of Drumheller, Alberta in the Kirkpatrick area of KneehIll County is a beautiful 3 acres retreat called Redu Wellness Centre. We are located along the river in a private and secluded area that allows for privacy and relaxation. The Centre has a private access to the river, a sacred fire pit for ceremonies and several available beds either located in the main house or the guest house.

Retreats are based on themes and usually centered around group participation.

The cost of the retreats vary on the number of days you will be staying with us and if any special material is required for the workshops.

Fire pit for Sacred Ceremonies

through the seasons

We hold the Fire ceremonies here, either drumming for Vision Quest, Story-telling, Dragon initiations or purification ritual.

The drummings are available in the summer, please visit our group activity tab for dates and times

The river

The river access

Floating down the river

We have our own private access to the river. Sturdy steps lead you to the river where we can float, kayak or swim.

We have added privacy with the island separating us from the other shore

The river is quite shallow and barely goes to 3 feet or 1 meter in the high season.

The Group Areas

Main House

The teaching host the groups for meditation, classes and workshop

it does require to go up stairs and at this time there is no other options available

The guest House

A central area, share by the guests which allows for quiet activities and snacks.

The space is meant to give a separate area than the bedrooms to write, create or play games.

The bedroom at the main house

Main House

This room is only available for private visits, when a couple desires to sleep together and all other amenities are sold out.

Fee is per night and includes breakfast and lunch : $175.00

The bedrooms in the Guest House

Room A

Room B

The rooms are based on double occupancy, freshly renovated in 2023. The rooms are equipped with brand new beds, night stand and lamp.

There is one room that does have 3 beds!

Fee is per night, per person and includes breakfast and lunch : $100.00

Fee is waved if you are staying with us for a 4 or 7 days retreat.

The Dining room

It's on us

We grow our own vegetable and fruits and when necessary we buy from local farmers for fresh poultry, Fish and vegetables

The Treatment Room

We offer healing sessions by appointment.

We created a safe space where you can benefit from Reiki, Shamanism session or Psych-K.

The reference library

We have our own private resource library from which you can choose books.

We also have several board games you can borrow to play in your spare time.

The Mascot

Buddy is our miniature Schnauzer and he is an important part of the team.

Buddy is an emotional support dog and he is always there when you need extra love and hugs.

The comic relief

Alex the cat is our comic relief and loves to make us laugh.

Alex is a purring machine and enjoys his people. he lives in the main house.

The local attractions

Many of our retreats takes us to Horseshoe Canyon.

The Hoo Doos

A local attraction includes the Hoo doos.

A natural attraction built from erosion of the soil.