Registration form 2024 Fair

2024 Annual Spiritual and Metaphysical Fair Registration of Vendors

Booth Selection

Booths are rented on a first come, first served basis. Your application does not garanty you a spot. You will receive an email confirming your booth and cost. We limit the number of similar products. It is important to give a detail description of your products and if they are unique. We select the application based on products, quality and originality and as it relates to Spirituality and metaphysical domain. Please refer to the plan attached to the email we sent you to select a prefence on the location although location may bot be garantied for late registration. Included in the price are Tables and you are limited to those provided. The tables are 6 foot in lenght and will have a black skirt or table cloth. You cannot bring your own tables, if you need more tables you must rent a space that allows more tables. chairs are provided. Electricity is available only for certain booth. There are no dividers provided but you can bring your own. The cost also includes a massive marketing budget varying from ads, radio spot, website, mailing campaigns, google and facebook adds and a Booklet for each visitor. We will provide images for promotion on social media. We encourage you to link to our event page created for the event where we will post all vendors along with their products and services. Share the page, invite your friends, share on your personal newsletter. The more poeple hear about the Fair, the more successful it will be. Every little effort will contribute to our success. Once we receive your application and you are selected, we will send you a confirmation email and paiement is due immediately in full. receipts are provided. No refunds: Tables left: #3,#8,#14, #16, #17, #22, #26, #27, #32. SHared Table #34, #38
Table your wish to rent
8 X8 Space 2 table, no electricity $175.00
8 X8 Space 3 table, no electricity 200.00
8 X 12 Space 4 table, electricity $235.00

    Yes, Business Card $25.00    Yes, Full Page $100

We will also have Conference/Talks on the hour, every hour for both days of the fair. We offer a stage and screen with microphone. If you are using powerpoint or other software you need to bring an HDMI cable with you. The talks will be 45 minutes in lenght. This is a great opportunity to present your unique products and explain their use and properties. If you wish to participate, an additional cost of $25.00 is necessary to cover the marketing materials. You will be listed in the booklet for the fair which is handed out to each person coming through the door. Your picture, Logo and short description of your talk will be included. We cannot garanty your selction time of day, but we will try to accomodate it. Do you wish to make a 45 minute presentation: if yes, select day and time you wish to present and your topic summary. only time available Sunday 3pm and 4 pm.
Select 2 preferred time frames for presentation.
Saturday; Sunday