2024 Fair

Presentator at the Conference Area

Sonya ROY

Narcissim affecs a lot poeple than we think. The talk will help you understand Narcissism and recognize if you or a loved one is stuck in a narcissic relationship or if you were raised by a narcissist parent. Recognizing where the gurt comes from is the first step toward healing our wounds. There is definetly a way to get back on our feet and heal. .

Conference on Narcissim

Saturday 1 pm

Door Prize : Shamanic Reiki Session

Kristine Pel

Crystal are a lot more than just a decorative piece to put on your nightstand. Each crystal as different proerties and with their unique vibrations allows us to realign oursleves to a healthy balnaced vibration in our physical, emotional and mental body and even enhance our spiritual connection. Let's explore together the many aspect of Crystal starting with our to choose them, clear their energy, re-energize them and use them to their full potential!

Conference on Crystal and their healing porperties
Sunday 1 PM

Door Prize: Crystal 13 chakra bracelet

Vendors, Readers and Healers

Soul Works by Sue Pickering

Sue Pickering is a Psychic, Intuitive, Empath, Channeler, Seer, a Holistic Energy Healer and Soul Coach. Sue receives messages from the divine and your guides, channeling them to give you the messages you need to hear today with the energy of the present moment. These messages come from a space of love with the best of intentions for you. Sue's mission is to give accurate and healing messages that also help with self discovery and transformation. She often also receives messages from loved ones who have passed. Sue also attended a spring & summer Psychic Tour across Western Canada in 2023

Booth # 5

(403)352-6889 visit her website

Door Prize: 20 minute Psychic readings, Tarot and Oracle readings.

Louise Henrickson and Doterra Essential Oils

Louise Henrickson I am grateful to have begun my training with the International Network of Esoteric Healing in 2002, in 2008 became a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master.  In 2013 I started studying and sharing the healing properties with doTERRA Essential Oils. I also teach a beginner meditation class so all can share and enjoy the benefits of self-care. I was am passionate about learning as much as I can about energy work, essential oils and their uses in medicine and ITOVI scanner

Booth # 6


Door Prize: A bottle of Essential Oils.

Kris Krystal Kave

Kristine PEL Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki Holy Fire III teacher, Crystal healer, Jewelry Maker Kristine is a shamanic Practitioner, akashic record practitioner and a gifted Crystal Healer. She creates beautiful jewelry that is activated, blessed and heals the future owner charged with Reiki energy. She can create special pieces based on your individual needs. She is a REIKI Master and offers sessions at the center. She is also the leader of Sound Therapy at the center where she plays the Crystal Bowls during our group meditations on the new and full moon. See our group activity Schedule for dates and time. She created a Crystal Workshop to help build knowledge and awareness about Crystals and their properties. She is also is a published author in the collaboration "Holistic Oracles" published in 2022.

Booth # 7

Phone: (825)333-SOUL (7685) Visit her site

Jeanette Hunter

I create a line of handmade Apothecary products that are designed to be as organic and all natural. I create a vast array of Bath Salt Bathing Blends, a line of Smudging mists, line Anointing oils, body butter, a salve that is infused with eleven different essential oils that assist with pain and inflammation, I also offer different types of kits that are intentionally created for our customers.  I am a certified life coach, Intuitive guide, teacher, certified energy healer/practitioner, & I am a Master certifed Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Booth # 12

(780) 815-1522 visit her website

Door Prize: A bath Salt

REDU Wellness Center

Redu Wellness Center offers retreat in Drumheller, Alberta and around the world. At the Drumheller location, we offer meditation, sound baths, workshops on USUI Reiki Ryoho level 1,2,master practitioner, Master teacher level. We also offer Shamanism Reiki, Karuna Reiki,Akashic records, forgiveness workshop, all about Chakras and earth energy, Tarot, Mediumship. We also have a certification for our Spiritual Transformation program that has 3 level from basic energy,Adept integration and Master facilitation. Sonya Roy has published a variety of books from young adult fiction series, Tinay the warrior princess. She also published I dragon: biographie of a spiritual transformation. the book on chakras: The 13th chakra system of ancient Egypt the basic and deluxe format. The Usui Reiki Ryoho Manual for all levels and the Holistic Oracle. She has also recorded a crystal bowl meditation and a drumming vison quest available on Itunes store. The Redu Wellness Center offers accomodations where you can stay comfortably at while participating at one of our retreats. The Redu Wellness Center offers one on one healing session from Reiki, Akashic record, Life Coaching, House blessing, energy clearing, Psych-K sessions, Soul reading, Shamanism Healing, past life healing. We host a store for crystals, shamanic tools, healing bracelets, books and music. You can attend in person or some of our services are available on-line.

Booth # 13

Hylkje VanDerKooy

Essential oil and unscented candles, pendulums, pendulum boards, wickless candles and melts, candle warmer lamps, essential oils car diffusers, oil roller. New moon water kit, heaven shadow boxes, beard oils. Oracle Card reading, Aura reading, energy clearing, teach pendulum use.

Booth # 15


Door Prize: $25 gift certificate or Items

Candace Burkart

Candace provide a number of services: 1:1 coaching, group coaching, DIY courses and retreats all based on the premise your body holds all the information you need to heal. Modalities including Evolved NLP; Heal your life philosophy; Body talk; Access Bars and Trauma Conscious coaching to work with the subconscious mind to change unhealthy habits, painful old stories and repressed emotions that may be holding you back.

Booth # 20

(306)231-3029 visit her website

Door Prize: Detailed discovery session $300 Value

Amber Courtney

Amber is a multidimensional holographic quantum energy healing facilitator and spiritual teacher. At the Omra academy we help people an alternative to heal dis-ease caused by trauma, karmic patterns and degenerated ancestral DNA. We provide 1:1 session, in which we work with the individual through their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy blocks.

Booth # 21

(403)714-3328 visit her website

Door Prize: 1 hour holographic avatar optimization session $160 Value

Kyla Wahl

Hand poured concrete planters and home décor. Incense holders, Palo Santo and sage bowls, trinket dishes, planters, ring holders. Also available candles inside some concrete vessels.

Booth # 31


Door Prize: Palo Santo Bowl with Amethyst

Cindy Jordan

Marconics is a multi-dimensional full spectrum Ascension energy healing modality designed to assist those on a spiritual path. We will have Marconics volume 1 and 2 and all Marconics ascension guidebooks listed on the Marconics website. You can enjoy a free sample of Marconics Ascension Energy or get a longer session for $20.

Booth # 33

(206)696-2894 visit her website

Door Prize: A no touch energy session

Karen Glover

Spell Oils and sprays, spell ingredients, spell Jars, intention bracelets, pendulums, tarot cards, books and bookmarks, incense & Burners, spell candles, spell kits, ritual items, Charms, Amulets, talismans, Cauldron, mystery tarot cards.

Booth # 35A


Door Prize: A gift $75 Gift Value

Amy Kovatch

The witch of wellington offers Tarot Readings

Booth # 35B


Door Prize: A Tarot Reading Value $50

Maddy Stellar

Hippy and witchy offers good intention dolls, mini dolls, pendulums, kyanite brooms, with bells, spell books, dreadlock accessories, wire wrapped pendants. Along with past life readings, Akashic Records, Mediumship, Numerology, sound healing, cord cutting and negative attachment removal, Soul retrieval.

Booth # 36

(403)813-76888 visit her website

Door Prize: Mini Voodoo Doll $25 Value

Tea Seremetkoski

Numerology readings, Intuitive readings, cards and crystal ball along with black kyanite brooms, potions, books and book marks, terrariums, stickers and magnet.

Booth # 36B

(403) 249-3339 visit her website

Door Prize: Numerology reading, sound healing, crystal therapy meditation with smudging and take-home kit $300 value

Loretta Lavallée

Offers Holistic healing and health services such as Reiki, Breathwork, Raindrop therapy and other modalities. Helps wellness and spiritual connection through accessing these modalities.

Booth # 37

(403)740-6839 visit her website

Door Prize: One of her services

Felicity Weymer

Drum maker and sound therapist. She offers sound tehrapy sessions as well as drumming circles. Sound and drumming can be combined with Reiki and breath work. Drums and Drum kits for sale.

Booth # 37B

(403) 741-8778 visit her website

Terry Mack

Native American style flutes, hand made by makers from across North America, flute bags, small hand held percussion, other flute accessories, instruction booklets and Music CD

Booth # 40

(780) 913-2036 visit her website

Door Prize: One of her CD de Terry Mack value $15

Caylen Dheviain

I will be offering mini-sessions, Angel Readings, Reiki and Perfect Alignment Clearings. As well as sage sticks, Palo Santo, sweetgrass and energetic essential oils roller bottle blends such as connecting to your angels, specific Archangels and more

Booth # 41

(403) 826-3539 visit her website

Marliana Alisemon

I am a worldwide Psychic Medium, empath and energy Worker healer. I also sell channelled paintings from sessions as well as create intentional energetic candles.

Booth # 42

(587)432-1976 visit her website

Door Prize: A channeled Painting and one full session $900 value

Peggy Lumley

She is a hand analyst, intuitive guide & certified angel card reader.   Your fingerprints were formed before you were born and they never change. That's your soul-level imprint. Based on the method of a scientific study and the designs in your fingers, you will receive an informative accurate reading confirming WHO you are and clarity about WHAT you are meant to do.  "Your Purpose is in Your Prints!" Pre-book to guarantee a spot: plumley524@gmail.com "  

Booth # 44

(403) 315-1436

Door Prize: Book and a Bracelet