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Sonya Roy was born in St-Constant, Québec, to a family of eight children. She completed her studies at the University of Montreal in Psycho-éducation in 1997. She worked as a Corporal for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is now retired. She owns and operates the Redu Wellness Center in Drumheller, Alberta

Over the past thirty years, she developed her gifts as a medium, master holistic healer, and shamanic practitioner to heal those around her. These teachings were passed down from her Maternal Grand-Mother. She started practicing Reiki in 2013 and teaches and shares her knowledge through workshops, conferences around the world. She has been sharing her Reiki with the Yukon, California, Peru, Australia, New Zealand and Europe namely Germany, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands and Switzerland. Registered with the Canadian Reiki Association since the very beginning. She has strived to produce a bilingual manual for all levels of Usui Tibetan reiki Teachers in Canada that follows the Canadian Reiki Association Guidelines.

I work with people to empower them and recognize their divine self. I was trained by my grandmother from a young age and help those who want to help themselves. We recognize the individual is not simply a human physical body but also carries an emotional, mental, spiritual body as well as karmic debt accumulated from past lives. The shamanic perspective includes all the bodies and is spiritual in nature and welcomes all people from all nations, beliefs and languages. the services are available in English and French.

She wrote the first two books of Tinay the warrior Princess Series with a third installment on the way.

  • 2008: The Initiation
  • 2015: The Apprentice
  • 2018: The 13th chakra system of ancient Egypt
  • 2019: I Dragon, biography of a spiritual transformation
  • 2020: Reiki Usui Ryoho level 1,2,3, and Master Teacher Tibetan and Master Teacher Universal
  • 2022: The 13th chakra system of ancient Egypt Deluxe hard cover in colour fully illustrated
  • She developed a Podcast Channel and explored these different themes. The podcasts are also available on Youtube Video and Facebook Video.

    • The Karma talk
    • The 7 hawaiian Spiritual Principles of Huna
    • Atlantis and Lemuria
    • Fear causes your greatest wounds
    • The Psych-K Talk
    • Healing Naturally
    • The Human Hybrid evolution
    • Chakra Meditation in Mount Shasta
    • Meditation essentials
    • The Soul twin, the soul mate and the soul flame
    • 12 Laws of the Universe
    • The new children
    • The Celestine Prophecy Part 1 and 2
    • The Trinity or the creation Myth
    • Kryon and Lee Caroll
    • Numerology
    • Light Language
    • Sacred Geometry
    • Healthy Nutrition and Spirituality
    • Chakra of the earth
    • Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet
    • Crystals and all you want to know about them
    • The Middle Way
    • Aromatherapy, the essentials
    • Druids and their wisdom, tradition and connection to the earth
    • The 7 sacred flames
    • Mantra Chakra Clearing
    • The Sacred Feminine Series
    • Mary Magdelena
    • Kwan Yin
    • White tara
    • The Hathors
    • Isis, The egyptian Goddess
    • Sophia, The gnotisim Goddess
    • White Buffalo Calf Woman
    • Divine Feminine Principle
    • The Shamanism and Mystery School Series
    • The Celts
    • The Mesoamerica Mystery School
    • The Egyptian Mystery School
    • The Essennes, the Jewish Mystery School
    • The Norse Shamanism culture
    • The Greek Mystery School
    • The Christian Mystery School: the Eastern Orthodox Monasteries
    • The Native American Shamanism
    • Crystal Bowl Meditaiton : New Years Eve 2021

    We have also recorded the 1 hour meditation with Crystal Bowls and a 1 hour Drumming session. Both are available in our Store for purchase, Itunes and Google Music.

    Training: Certified USUI Reiki Master Teacher and KARUNA Holy Fire III and Sacred Flames Master Teacher, Akashic Record Master Healer, and Shamanic Practitioner. Certified Tarot and Card reader, Angel Therapy Certified Practitioner and Psych-K Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher and a Provincial Instructor graduate.

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