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The center welcomes guest teachers and healers for special classes and activities. Read about them and use the contact page to schedule an appointment with them or if you have questions about them. Their courses are listed on the Courses tabs and their healing session on the Healing Session tab

Kristine PEL, Crystal healer, Jewelry Maker

Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki Holy Fire III teacher

Kristine is a shamanic Practitioner, akashic record practitioner and a gifted Crystal Healer. She creates beautiful jewelry that is activated, blessed and heals the future owner. She can create special pieces based on your individual needs.

She is a REIKI Master and offers sessions at the center.

She is also the leader of Sound Therapy at the center where she plays the Crystal Bowls of our group meditations on the new and full moon.

Randi Sinclair , Emotion Code Practitionner and Usui Reiki Master Teacher

Randi has been on her healing journey since 2018. During this time, She rediscovered her inner essence – that spark ignited a passion for life as well as her reason for being. It renewed her love for life and her family. In this journey, she has felt profoundly called to the healing arts in particular Energy Healing. With that as her guide, she became a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher as well as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and she now practices The Emotion Code (TEC) created by Dr. Bradley Nelson 20 years ago.

TEC is a very exciting Energy Healing Modality. TEC allows for a trained practitioner to access a client's subconscious mind (SCM) to retrieve trapped negative emotions which are believed to cause a number of emotional and even physical problems and imbalances. With permission from the client, and a confirmed connection, a practitioner will ask questions of the SCM and then decode what needs to be decoded such as finding an age where the emotion became trapped (anywhere from prenatal up to the current age). These emotions can be your own common emotions, prenatal, absorbed, shared, inherited and preconception. Intergenerational trauma would be an example of an inherited emotion. This is not talk therapy and there is no need to revisit a past traumatic experience in order to release the emotion. A session usually lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and the SCM will allow from 5 – 10 emotions to be released per session. A processing period follows where the body and mind release these trapped emotions. Clients generally report feeling lighter or that they feel a shift in their perspectives or reactions. Releasing Trapped Emotions creates space within the SCM which, it is hoped, will allow clients to move forward with a greater lightness of being and a more receptive open connected experience with life and themselves.

There is also the possibility for release of the Heart Wall. A heart wall is created when the trapped emotions are placed around the heart to create a wall. This wall can be created from birth up to the present time. Heart Walls are usually removed within 2-5 sessions; however, depending upon a client's own life experiences, a client may need more sessions. Randi's own heart wall took 13 sessions to remove – 130 emotions! The heart wall can prevent us from our own self-love to the more expansive unconditional love of others. It is hoped that by removing the heart wall, the client will find a greater expansiveness and receptivity to love in all its myriad forms.

First session is a free introduction to TEC – usually 20 minutes Rate: $50 per session – usually 30 – 40 minutes to book a session please contact Randi directly by phone: 604.230.6669 or Email:

Robin Graham, Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor

As a seeker of insight and questioner of conforming thought, the introduction of PSYCH-K® into Robin's life felt like finding a part of herself that had been missing. Although a success in corporate business and as an entrepreneur, she knew at a deep level that there was something bigger she was supposed to do. As well as a need to blend spirit with business.

Her overriding focus was always on ensuring the customer's desired results were being accomplished. However, often there was more determination than desire —sort of a forcing of 'I have to' rather than 'I enjoy this'. With the application of the PSYCH-K® processes, there is now a quiet peace of knowing and enjoying each moment.

Since 1994, Robin has been facilitating personal growth with PSYCH-K® and helping herself and others discover how to break through old filters of limitation to experience greater confidence and success — both personally and professionally. Selected in 1997 by the originator to be in the first Basic Workshop Instructor Certification. Selected in 2003 by the originator to be in the first Advanced Integration Workshop Instructor Certification. Designated in 2008 as the Certifying Instructor for Advanced Integration Workshop Instructors. Most recently, she has been blessed with leading the initiative to present the powerful change processes of PSYCH-K® to the business arena utilizing the processes of PER-K®: Key to Sustainable Success.

Robin has trained and presented locally and internationally including small groups through large conferences across the United States as well as Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Her commitment is to help people and organizations discover and live their greatness.

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